Know what’s happening
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Aboard keeps your people in the loop. Aboard replaces the all company email with something much better. Share announcements, company news, etc.

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Build a Great Company Community.

Distributed companies need a common source for what’s going on around the company. At some companies, the bulletin board by the water cooler serves this purpose. For others, it's the all company email. Aboard is a better way.


Some common uses of Aboard are to announce new hires, new shipments, company news, solicit opinions, share kudos, or any other reason your organization might send an email to everyone at the company.


Employees have full control over notifications. If they want to make sure they're on top of everything, they can be. If they only want the most important news, they can do that. If they don't want to be bothered at all, so be it.


Built by people with experience in growing startups, Aboard's primary goal is to be a shared meeting place and memory store for your organization as it grows.


Searching for email or a message in chat can be cumbersome. Aboard provides full-text search for posts so you can find what you need.

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How The App Works.

Sign Up

Have a representative from your company create and configure a Board for your company. Configuration is quick and painless. The most important setting is to specify the domain of your company's Google (G-Suite) account.

Log in

Log in with your existing company's G-Suite account. It's fast and simple. Aboard does not request nor store your credentials.


Now you can compose posts using the markdown editor. Drag and drop images, video files, whatever into the editor to upload and share them. Use the `@` sign to mention other users.


When you create the post, interested folks will be notified according to their notification settings via email or via the notifications tab of the site.

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Features you and your team will love.

Aboard doesn't toss in every possible feature possible. The feature set is carefully crafted to help distributed and remote teams develop a sense of camraderie and community.


Posts on a board are a great way to announce important information to your company or to simply keep people apprised of what's going on. Every post includes a discussion thread for those who want to give some kudos or dive into the topic more.

Company Directory

Get to know your fellow employees! As employees authenticate to the Board, they are added to a nice company directory using profile information from G-Suite and anything else they choose to add.


Recorded a great meeting or presentation you want to share with others, drag the video into a new post, add some commentary, and post it to your board. It's that simple.


Aboard puts each user in control over their notifications with options to be notified when new posts are created, when mentioned, and so on. Notifications show up in the app or via email.

Cloud Based

Each board is specific to your organization while hosted in the Cloud so you don't have to worry about its operations or maintenance.

Always Secure

Your data is encrypted at rest and all network transmissions are done over secure channels.

Simple Plans For Everybody.

Aboard is free while it’s in Beta! We’re still figuring out pricing.

Sign up for the Beta now!